Welcome to Mcurich

We are also in developing of Q-S-F-P double deck, O-S-F-P, and, CFP-eight, products, by keeping our company product portfolio in line with PAM-4 formfactor.

As to Optical Products, we have a strong R and D team, with a few Double E, Optical, Semiconductor PHD's which have completed development of Optical Engine on Chip's technology.
By S-M-T this Chip on the P-C-B Paddle Card, we can make the product with the speediest manufacturing process which without human-hand touching the product thru the whole production process.
We are using powerful P-L-M systems to manage our product developing process. Various simulation technologies is applied to our design of products. This is the key advantage for us, to win the join-design confidence from our global customers, by, fulfillment their, N-P-I schedule, and quality, reliability requirements.
Our 20 years solid product development, and manufacturing capability in China and Taiwan is providing high volume, and low volume high-mix product, to our global customers with attractive price!
We have our sales, agents, and application engineers, located at US, Japan, Europe, and Asia, which could provide immediate support, to our customers all over the world.