Welcome to Mcurich

We are, make-you-rich Incorporation -- An interconnect product solution providers for Cloud Computing, Data Communication, Internet of Things, Information Technology, and, Various Industrial Markets!

We provide High-Speed Copper Cable Assemblies, Active Optical Cables, Transceiver-module, I-O-T, I-T, and Various Industry Interconnection Products, and related devices and accessories.

We have 30 years High-Speed Copper Cable manufacturing experience! Recent years, we have successfully completed the development of QSFP 28, SFP 28, O-Q-link, SAS-Mini-Link Products, all are in mass production!

We are providing, “Revolutionary one stop shopping platform for you to gain price-benefit”, and "Innovative products and technic support from global locations", also, "Customization design of obtaining the best CP value", and "Highest competitive advantage of cost thru our effective productivity”, We are, make-you-rich, we are making your company, rich , all the time!